Video Lending for Banking

Large banks have lost 52% market share over the last 7 years to online lenders. The consumer lending environment has changed and it’s driven by customer demands for digital experiences, ease of technology, and high-touch hand-holding.

The rise of Video Lending for banking is keeping banking executives up at night.

Branch footprints are smaller and most banks have already centralized their loan officers. This means that most mortgage advisors are talking to customers over the phone and email without meeting them “like the old days” in person.


Given most consumers are talking on the phone to 2-3 loan officers, all with similar rates, building relationships to win the business is critical to win the high-margin loan business.

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Top 3 Ways Video Lending for Banking Improves Conversion Rates

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Gain More Referral Business With Elevated High-Touch Interactions.

Deepen referral business with realtors, home builders, and local relationships with instant video advisors available to them on-demand. Creating memorable experiences increases referrals and reduces them using multiple lenders.

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Expand marketing reach and optimize staff across physical locations.

Increase marketing outside of normal driving mile radius. In addition, for customers that are seeking lending services in a physical branch, instantly connect them to a video lending advisor before their leave the branch location. No more callbacks, emails, or handing out business cards that never close.

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Deepen Relationships Through Instant Video.

Stand out from the clutter, replace your initial phone calls with video calls. Deepen the relationship while increasing your conversion rates on average 50%+.

Video Lending for Banking Metrics

Portion of phone appointments
replaced by video chat


Customers who rated their experience as “excellent”


Increase in new mortgage business from video chat


Reduction in
cost per sale



“The latest video banking technologies shift the consumer experience to a human and digital delivery service across several delivery channels.”

Jon Erpelding, President, NuSource Financial

Digital Lending eBook | What's Inside

  • What is Video Lending as a Service (LaaS)?
  • Top 3 ways Video Lending Advisors can increase conversion rates.
  • Two case studies outlining an average 1,380% ROI by adding video lending advisors to their acquisition efforts. 
  • Increase 1003 applications providing instant access to loan officers to your realtor and builder relationships. 
  • How video advisors go beyond approvals and throughout the processor and servicing journey.

To succeed in Video Lending for banking, it’s imperative that you’re able to capture your audience’s attention in those first few seconds that they land on your website. Consumers are comfortable in digital acquisition for lending, and they likely have a few tabs open to compare information quickly.

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Areas of Opportunity:

Video Pre-Qual

Increase competitive advantage with the initial remote video pre-qual process. Build face-to-face relationships and read mannerisms.

Real-Time Realtor Video Leads

Provide your realtor network the ability to video in their clients, right from the home they want to put an offer in on.

Loan Process Hand-Holding

Create deeper relationships and increase retention with proactive virtual face-to-face communications.

Video 1003s With Intelligent Routing

Instantly do pre-quals for your lending network with intelligent routing connecting your video loan advisors throughout the country.

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What's My Video Banking ROI?


Get your custom ROI calculation using industry standards and 3rd party data.

Provide an in-person experience for your online customers. When it comes to online personal finances customers want live assistance from an expert. Being able to see that representative adds an element of trust and clarity to interactions and shrinks concerns that might otherwise stop customers from completing their transactions online

The average video banking ROI is 300%.

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- 2 Click Simplicity
- 100% White Labeled Customer Experience
- Browser-Based
- Beyond 1:1 Video Calls

    The best part is — One Touch Video Banking can be up and running quickly; so you can start increasing your conversation rates in less than 30 days, optimizing your workforce across locations, and improving your bottom line, immediately.

    Reinvent How You Serve.

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