Virtual Branches For Credit Unions

Create a memorable member experience — anywhere it’s needed — with video banking. 

Most credit unions still operate with only a decentralized, physical presence to reach and retain members — but virtual branches for credit unions can allow your members to stay maintain high-touch relationships with our digital lobby. Video banking is averaging 300%+ ROI for credit unions.

The top credit union business challenge for 2021 is the member digital experience.

Video Banking For Credit Unions in 2021

When financial service leaders were asked about their biggest gap in the member experience, it was digital interactions, which is why it’s a top investment priority for 2021. Credit union executives recognize that a digital member experience is not only to acquire customers, but digital servicing through video banking has to be used to retain members.  This is what makes the second biggest gap identified by leaders is member onboarding.

Financial services leaders said their best member service attribute is personal interaction, a traditional strength of the industry. Now that members have got digital across all aspects of their life, they demand their chosen financial institution provide access to video chat solutions.

As credit unions move to smaller branch footprints focused on advising members about their financial needs rather than routine transactions, virtual branches for credit unions allow for increased wallet share, conversion rates, and digital member experience.

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