Digital Transformation in Banking

Customers Regardless of Generation, Demand Convenience and Digital Transformation in Banking with High-Touch Service.

The pandemic taught customers to function without full branches for months. COVID forced the hands of banks that had been reluctant to go down a digital path.


Since 2008

In the last 3 years, alone


  • Increase in fintech with branchless financial institutions built on customer experience and digital marketing.

  • Customers’ expectations for digital-first are across all industries, not just in the financial services industry.

  • Consolidation & acquisitions in community banks.

  • Banks are opening smaller branch footprints to advise customers, rather than transactions.

Banks need a way to digitally acquire and service customers for growth.

Top Reasons To Implement Video Chat For Banking

Customer Acquisitions

Attract New Customers With Digital Transformation In Banking

Attract New Customer


Video Chat Solution For Banking To Expand Into New Markets

Expand New Markets W/O

Physical Locations

Compete Using A Video Chat Solution For Banking

Compete With Direct Banks/

Competitive Advantage

Increase NIM With A Video Chat Solution For Banking

Increase NIM

Customer Servicing

Increase Wallet Share With A Video Chat Solution For Banking

Increase Wallet Share/#

Of Products

Customer Satisfaction With Video Chat Solution For Banking

Elevate Customer


Retention In Digital Transformation In Banking

Increase Retention

Optimize Digital Transformation In Banking

Reduce Costs/Optimize


The Future Of Digital Transformation In Banking

The Future of Virtual Banking

with John D’Angelo, CEO of Investar Bank

Carrie Chitsey talks with CEO of Investar Bank John D’Angelo, a top publicly traded community bank (ISTR). He talks about what keeps him up at night? What’s the interim step for customers to go all online? He says technology is the key to it. Video banking takes it a step further and you can almost skip the step of video ITM’s to communicate with customers. It’s mind-boggling what you can do.  Any executive in the banking community will not want to miss this podcast!

Video Chat Solution For Banking Podcast

Future Branch Connectivity Model: Beyond The Four Walls

Video Chat Solution For Banking Beyond Four Walls

Real Estate Is No Longer King, Driving Digital Transformation in Banking

Banks’ growth is no longer measured by the number of physical branches one has. Innovative bank executives are extending reach, acquisition, and servicing without expensive real estate investments to meet customers where they are banking.


Banks are no longer in the real-estate business.

Family Video Chat Solution For Banking

Your Customers Are Digital-First – Is your Bank?

Contrary to popular belief, the data shows that Millennials go into branches more than Baby Boomers. It’s easy to believe if you think about it, Boomers are more set in their financial future and don’t require as much advice or hand-holding. However, Boomers are using online banking and mobile apps almost just as much as their younger demographic counterparts.

What has changed is the increase in calling for help vs. driving into a branch? What this means is you should be changing your bank’s culture to be digital-first in everything you do. Banks must empower, train and compensate employees to start implementing digital transformation in banking throughout everything they do, such as account reviews, relationship management, and customer service.

Did you know?

Banks cannot open branches that are identical to the way they were pre-pandemic. Greater use of video conferencing kiosks located inside branches so that customers can talk to a financial specialist not based in the branch

Myron Schwarcz – Strategic Resource Management

Digital Transformation In Banking White Paper

Whether you are in consumer or commercial banking, customers are digital-first regardless of asset type.

While the importance of the physical branch is diminishing, progressive banks are changing layouts, employee roles, and technology to extend beyond four walls.

Digital Transformation In Banking White Paper

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