Video Banking Best Practices

Video Banking: Best Practices — From Adoption to Implementation

This video banking best practices white paper will not only show you where the top opportunity areas are throughout your organization, where to start, and what ROI you should expect — but also how to be successful in your implementation of video banking.

A glimpse of what is inside the Video Banking Best Practices white paper:


  • How The Pandemic Accelerated Digital Adoption
  • What is Video Banking?
  • Video Banking is NOT Video Conferencing or Video ITMs
  • Why the Rise in Video Banking?
  • In Your Customers Shoes: They Value Convenience & Time
  • Top 10 Reasons Executives Are Implementing Video Banking
  • Digital Experiences Throughout the Entire Journey
  • Creating High-Touch, Face-to-Face Engagements
  • Top Video Banking Applications
  • Optimize Staffing Across Locations
  • Video Banking For Digital Servicing
  • Video Banking For Digital Acquisition
  • Video Banking is Moving the Needle
  • Key Ingredients for a Successful Video Banking Strategy
  • Video Banking ROI
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    how does video banking work
    - 2 Click Simplicity
    - 100% White Labeled Customer Experience
    - Browser-Based
    - Beyond 1:1 Video Calls

      Increase your online conversion rates and application throughput rates with digital customer acquisition in banking and financial services.

      Learn how video banking can increase conversion:

      Reduce Incomplete Applications

      Reduce application abandonment rate with video chat + screen share. Proactively guide the experience to increase conversions

      Product Questions and Advice

      Increase online conversion rates up to 40% with video chat readily available on complex, competitive and high-touch product pages.

      Geographical Reach

      Expand digital sales reach beyond physical branch radius. Build high trust face-to-face relationships virtually.

      Emotional Connection

      Create memorable relationships vs. phone conversations. 8 out of 10 video banking prospects remember defined characteristics from the conversation vs. 5/10 phone calls cannot remember the name of whom they spoke to.

      Cost To Acquire

      Reduce costs of channel switching from online to branch to open new accounts. Reduce drop-off rate and support centralized.

      Virtual Workforce

      Optimize specialized workforce across branch locations and online for immediate new product assistance.