Video Customer Service Banking

Video customer service banking increases wallet share with existing customers with instant connections and proactive relationship management.

What is your digital customer service strategy to retain and grow your customer base?
You need proactive outreach and relationship maintenance to create higher-touch digital engagements.

A video customer service bank can:

Obtain a 93%

average CSAT.

Get 15% fewer

inbound service calls.

Optimize staff across branches, with 20% operational efficiencies.

38% increase in revenue for per video banking hour.

Dive deeper into best practices to increase your acquisition efforts in the white paper “Video Banking Best Practices — From Adoption to Implementation”

Personalized Video Customer Service Banking

Serve your clients with better emotional connections and take them step by step through all of the things you need to do for their video banking experience, product questions, advice, and transactions.

Giving you the COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE to leapfrog direct banks that highlight virtual service for their digital customers.

High-Touch Digital Servicing. For Banking Made Better.

Video customer service allows you to extend your bank lobby digitally into homes,

connecting the RIGHT bank employee regardless of location, at the right time.

With smaller branch footprints, for those that come into a physical branch,

connect them instantly through video stations to the right resource, at the right time.

Increase your retention rates and wallet share without compromising face-to-face interaction.
Learn why video customer service banking is the channel of choice for BOTH financial institutions and their customers across all demographics to connect.

improve customer service

Customer Satisfaction

Increase CSAT rates by an average of 93% with video chat. That’s greater than other channels, averaging at 13%-53%.

banking website with live support


Enable extended hours and availability. Over 63% of customers are more likely to return to a website with live support offered.

financial specialists

Shared Resources

Provide immediate access to the right financial specialists across locations and virtually. Maximizing resources can provide a 20% lift in savings.

branch marketing


Reduce employee travel costs by 47%, while providing a faster response rate and maintaining face-to-face relationships.

improve partnerships

Deepening Relationships

Provide immediate access to the right financial specialists across locations and virtually. Maximizing resources can provide a 20% lift in savings.

grow wallet share with video banking

Remote Advisors

Enable personalized and immediate advisor services virtually — from anywhere and everywhere.

Customer Servicing Applications

Video Call Center


Business Banking

Wealth Management


Relationship Maintenance

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