On the Future of Virtual Banking, we talk to today’s guest, John D’Angelo the CEO of Investar Bank, a top publicly traded community bank (ISTR) with over $1B in assets. John talks about what keeps him up at night, what banking executives should be thinking about when it comes to acquiring new customers and servicing their current consumers.


 What is the Future of Virtual Banking? 


Hear from a community bank CEO that has his finger on the pulse of expansion into new markets. 

John discusses how video banking and the future of virtual banking changes his strategy on branch expansion, growth, and servicing their customers.


Any executive in the banking community will not want to miss this podcast!

Learn more about how video banking works.


High-Touch Digital Servicing. For Banking Made Better.

Video customer service allows you to extend your bank lobby digitally into homes,

connecting the RIGHT bank employee regardless of location, at the right time.

With smaller branch footprints, for those that come into a physical branch,

connect them instantly through video stations to the right resource, at the right time.

how does video banking work
- 2 Click Simplicity
- 100% White Labeled Customer Experience
- Browser-Based
- Beyond 1:1 Video Calls