Banking Infographic

10 Myths of Video Banking Infographic


The 10 Myths of Video Banking Infographic breaks down the ten most common myths of video banking and how they have skewed the view on the effectiveness of video banking. On this infographic you will learn: 

  • Video banking solutions start at just $399/month with no capital expenses or hardware.
  • Industry data has proven that customers are not “intimidating” in using video banking, Millennial/Gen Z’s are video first calling demographics.
  • Web developers can put a Facebook pixel on your website ( within 3 minutes).
  • Video banking passes all global financial service standards. This technology does not store customer financial information.
  • Online conversation rates can increase 3-4x for new customer acquisition. Account reviews can increase customer wallet share by > 20-40%.
  • Employee culture changes with customer demands and communication. Add this channel to existing operational support processes.
  • Video banking can reduce call center handle times by > 30%.
  • With retail branch locations rapidly declining and digital marketing increasing, new ways for account opening and support are required.
  • Video banking can’t replace interactive tellers but interactive tellers are not a “customer at home” solution.
  • A Video Banking ROI is simple to figure out based on the implementation area of the bank.

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