Digital Banking Transformations: Moving the Needle

A deep dive into the metrics, channels, and the ROI for financial services

Digital Banking Transformation White Paper

A glimpse of what is inside the White Paper:

While most banks and credit unions have had digital banking transformations on their roadmap, the COVID pandemic has sped up the need to create digital-first experiences. How can you build face-to-face branch-like experiences? In this White Paper, “Digital Banking Transformation: Moving the Needle”, you’ll learn why leading bank executives have made the 300% ROI in video banking a top priority in 2021.


  • What are customer expectations and satisfaction levels by channel? See the metrics and how your financial institution measures up in your current state.
  • 59% of customers said they opened a deposit account online in 2020. How do you compete with direct banks and increase your online conversion rates by 4x?
  • Do you have a digital lobby on your website so your customers can video chat with someone centralized or in a branch? Find out how much video chat and online collaboration helps with online conversation rate and reduces new account opening abandonment rates.
  • How do you create branch-like experiences (face-to-face) anywhere and anytime for banking prospects and customers? What are top implementation areas to immediate move the needle in marketing, sales and servicing?
  • What are the Top 10 Reasons executives are implementing video banking? Find out.
  • Playbook for the top areas and product lines to move the needle in acquisition.
  • Playbook for the top areas and product lines to increase wallet share and product lines in servicing your customers.

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“The latest video banking technologies shift the consumer experience to a human and digital delivery service across several delivery channels.”

Jon Erpelding, President, NuSource Financial

video banking product sheet

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Increase your online conversion rates and application throughput rates with digital customer acquisition in banking and financial services.

Learn how video banking can increase conversion:

Reduce Incomplete Applications

Reduce application abandonment rate with video chat + screen share. Proactively guide the experience to increase conversions

Product Questions and Advice

Increase online conversion rates up to 40% with video chat readily available on complex, competitive and high-touch product pages.

Geographical Reach

Expand digital sales reach beyond physical branch radius. Build high trust face-to-face relationships virtually.

Emotional Connection

Create memorable relationships vs. phone conversations. 8 out of 10 video banking prospects remember defined characteristics from the conversation vs. 5/10 phone calls cannot remember the name of whom they spoke to.

Cost To Acquire

Reduce costs of channel switching from online to branch to open new accounts. Reduce drop-off rate and support centralized.

Virtual Workforce

Optimize specialized workforce across branch locations and online for immediate new product assistance.